WordPress development

WordPress is the most used CMS around the world (33%+ sites powered by wp now).

A lot of high quality premade plugins provides a nice spends / value ratio and development time ratio.

Website development project manager

You need someone to represent your company in a right way during website development?

I could become a buffer between you and your developers to maintain the project from the company side, follow your goals and explain it to developers using their language.

Ongoing website support

Ongoing support for websites is often overlooked by business owners.

To sustain and improve website value to your business, you need to update and enhance it.

I also work with websites that was build not by me and could help you maintain that as well.

Website scraping and data importing

If you need to transfer data between sites, tune your or create some new importing data process, collect some data from other websites?

I'm ready to help you.